Arkansas - Oklahoma - Texas

Unsuccessful attempt...

Saturday, April 5 1997

With Valerie Hartung.

The Arkansas - Oklahoma - Texas TriState point is shown on the road maps as being in the middle of the Red River. We tried to find it without topographic maps, a serious mistake. We decided to try for the northern shore, because a road on the road map appeared to be closer, and because the Arkansas - Oklahoma state line approached the river from that side, whereas on the south side, it was all Texas and thus would not be marked.

red dirt road ("went to a party down a red dirt road..." - Joni Mitchell)

open gate

some trepidation

rather aggressive old dog

barbecue smoking

I get out, make deal with the dog

guy in Dallas Cowboys T-shirt

no road from this side, no marker that he knew of, also recent rains meant that a swale between us and the shore opposite the TriState point would be flooded

Later, I got out the topographic map, and found out just how far away we had been. This will be a tricky one, maybe requiring a boat, or a fairly long walk along the shore...

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