Arkansas - Louisiana - Texas

Visited Saturday, April 5, 1997, with Valerie Hartung

As we left the Association of American Geographers' meeting in Fort Worth to drive back to Buffalo, we decided to go after another TriState point, and went east on Interstate 20. Just after entering Louisiana, we left the Interstate and drove north on Louisiana state highway 1. As we approached the Texas line, we did not have a good idea of how far from the road the Arkansas border would be, and whether we'd be able to reach the TriState point. We could tell we were nearing the state line because there were lots of places selling Louisiana state lottery tickets and similar small gambling. We pulled off into the driveway of an abandoned gas station when we saw the "Entering Texas" sign, and looked around for a marker. Amazingly, Valerie found one almost immediately! A geodetic survey benchmark from the 1930s sat atop a small concrete marker with the state names on its side. With that photographed, we decided somewhat rashly to try for another, Arkansas - Oklahoma - Texas. That story appears elsewhere.

In the shadows, leaning against a tree in Arkansas, with a toe in Louisiana, as photographed from Texas. "What does poison ivy look like?"

Last updated on May 13 1997

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