Geography 594:

Geographic Information and Society

Spring 2003


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Geographic Information and Society examines the interrelationships between GIS and the political, economic, legal, social, cultural, spatial, and institutional structures of society. Two general perspectives are reviewed: The institutional perspective focuses on GIS implementation processes and benefit/cost measures in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity, as well as on theories and methods for determining how spatial information influences land and policy decisions. The critical social theory perspective focuses on a critical analysis of the effects of GIS technologies on individuals and groups, including issues of representation, alternative modes of reasoning, and differential access to technology. Both theoretical and applied aspects of GIS and Society are reviewed in the context of the two general perspectives.



TIMETABLE: Geography 594 meets once a week, Fridays, 9 am to 11:50


GRADING: The grade will be based on a research paper plus class participation.

Draft Course Outline

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