Geography 592:

Cognitive Geography and Geographical Cognition

Instructor: David M. Mark



This course will provide an overview of topics in spatial cognition and perception, with emphasis on large-scale ("geographic") space. . Topics will include map perception, wayfinding and navigation, behavioral geography, categories of geographic things, spatial relations, and environmental 'perception'. We will also examine how human natural languages represent and express spatial concepts. Implications for applications such as vehicle navigation systems, and both database contents and user interfaces for geographic information systems will also be examined.




SPRING 2006 INFORMATION: GEO 592 (Registration Number 148972)

TIMETABLE: Geography 592 meets twice a week (Tu & Th), from 9:30 pm to 10:50 pm.


GRADING: Two non-cumulative short-essay tests will each be worth 30 % of the grade; a term paper or research project (due Friday, April 30 2010) will be worth 40 %.


Course Outline

ˇ       January 19 (Tu) 2. Categories and Cognition; The Semiotic Triangle

ˇ       Smith, B., and Mark, D. M., 1998. Ontology and Geographic KindsProceedings, Eighth International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling, Vancouver, British Columbia.

ˇ       Mark, D. M., Smith, B., and Tversky, B., 1999. Ontology and Geographic Objects: An Empirical Study of Cognitive Categorization In Freksa, C., and Mark, D. M., editors, Spatial Information Theory: A Theoretical Basis for GIS, Berlin: Springer-Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, pp. 283-298.

ˇ       University at Buffalo tutorial on human subjects

ˇ       University of Minnesota tutorial on Informed Consent

ˇ       The Belmont Report

ˇ       Procedural vs configurational, etc.

ˇ       Previous research in geography. Gould and White's book. Kuipers' work. Do 'mental maps' or 'cognitive maps' have to be 'map- like'? Tversky's 'cognitive collage'

ˇ       Zubin, Montello, etc.

ˇ       Freundschuh and Egenhofer article


Incomplete Bibliography of Geographic Cognition Research from about 1994!

Last updated on January 12, 2010

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