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ADEL, Marc A.
(MA'92) Marc is a computer and G.E.D teacher with the Buffalo Board of Education. He is also an instructor with the Erie County Board of Cooperative Educational Services.

(MA'92) (MA'91) Amarin is attending the University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

(PhD'84) On September 1, 2003, Dr. Carl Amrhein began his term as Provost and Vice-President (Academic) at the University of Alberta. Prior to coming to the University of Alberta, Carl was Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Toronto and Professor of Geography. He and his wife Ellen have three sons.
Phone: (780)492-3443

(BA'80, BA (Geol)'80) (MBA, Penn State'86) Gail has moved to Portland, OR to manage credit card marketing for U.S. Bank. She loves the Northwest.

ANDRLE, Robert F.
(BA'48 MA'60) (PhD, LSU'64) Dr. Robert is a Research Associate, Vertebrate Zoology Division, Buffalo Museum of Science and a private environmental consultant. He is a specialist in tropical ornithology and biogeography.

ANDRLE, Robert
(PhD'91) Bob is now an associate professor in the Geography Department at the University of Connecticut. Updated: April 1999

ARNOLD, Edward J.
(PhD'08) Dr. Arnold is the Director of Credit Insurance at M&T Insurance Agency in Buffalo NY and Adjunct Professor in the Business departments of both Niagara University and D’Youville College. Focus of thesis: Economic Geography, International Business, and Finance.
E-mail:   Updated: Sept 2008.

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(PhD '02) (MA, 1993, University of Kentucky BA, 1992, University of Victoria) Based at the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia duty station, Paul has been a GIS Officer with the UN Economic Commission for Africa since September 2005. His work mainly focuses on helping member States to build their geoinformation capacity. His advisory services range from technical assistance to policy advice at the ministerial level. His duties have taken him to over 20 member States across the continent, including Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, and others. His applied project work has included the architecting and development of a web-based geovisualization tool for monitoring and evaluating subnational progress towards the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). He also led the development of a web-based tool for staff security, emergency response, and evacuation in the event of civil strife. Updated: June 2009
E-mail (personal):
E-mail (work):

BENES, David F.
(BA'79) David has been employed in the tax mapping office of the Erie County Finance Department for 15 years. He and his two sons are active in scouting.

(PhD'95) Randy Bertolas [full professor since 2004] was recently elected Chair of the Department of History, Politics, and Geography at Wayne State College in Nebraska. In October, he received the Award of Excellence from the Pi Gamma Mu social sciences honor society at their triennial student convention held in Atlanta, GA. This fall, he is standing for election to the national office of First Vice-President of Gamma Theta Upsilon. Updated: October 2008
Web Page:

BLENN, Ralph
(BA'74) (MA/Geo'79, San Jose State, AS/Electronics, San Jose City). Ralph works for Lockheed-Martin as a quality engineer on projects such as the Hubble Space telescope and Milstar communications satellites. He is a private pilot and he and his wife have three children.

BOSHANE, Charles
(BA'81, BPS Architecture '81 (MA, Architecture, Miami U. of Ohio '86) Charles is a registered architect in NY state and a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals in the Town of VanBuren, NY. He and his wife Judy and their son live in Baldwinsville, NY.

(MA'01) Eric is GIS Operations Manager at Bergmann Associates here in Buffalo, NY. After years of programming, he now manages the development team and focuses on enterprise design and system integration. Eric is married with a 2 year old son, and lives in Buffalo.
E-mail: Updated: Sept 2008.

BREM, Michael J.
(BA'89) Michael is now employed by Tops Markets.

BROMUND, Timothy L.
(BA'90) Tim works as an Environmental Safety Consultant for Niagara Frontier Consulting Services.

BROOKS, Alan Stuart
(BS'89, Buff State) (MA'92) Alan is serving in the Peace Corps, working for the Provenicia of Petorca and living in LiLigua, Chile, about two hours northwest of Santiago.

BROWN, Anthony "Tony" Jason
(BA'92) Tony moved to Colorado after graduation and is now an Account Representative at Confertech International, a provider of audio teleconferencing. He is thinking about an MA in Urban Planning at the U. of Colorado, Denver. He lives in Lafayette, CO.

BUTLER, Holly Dickinson
(MA, PhD'90) Holly is currently working at the Washington, DC, Regional office for ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) as a consultant and project manager. She oversees all of the services work for the DC region.

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CACNER, David W.
(BA’86) (MS, Strategic Intelligence, Joint Military Intelligence College ’04) (MS, Eng. Mgmt., George Washington University ’07) David works for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Reston, VA. He is married to the former Laura Jones of Charlottesville, VA and has a daughter Hannah.

CHANG, Keng-Pin
(MA'97) Keng-Pin Chang received his MA degree in August, 1997 under the supervision of Drs. David Mark & John Krygier. After graduation, he moved to Boston to work as a GIS specialist for RITI. In 1998, he moved back to Taiwan and worked as a manager for Hitrontech-the distributor of ESRI products in Taiwan. In 2004, he and some friends founded SWATEK which is involved in LCD panel technology. Mr. Chang also is an instructor at Ming Chuan University teaching courses in Geographic Information Systems, Computer Information and Drawing, & Production of Geographic Information Applied Software.
Keng-Pin Chang's contact information:
*SWATEK Corporation*, 2F-2, No. 872, Jhongjheng Rd.,
Jhonghe City, Taipei County 23586, Taiwan, ROC
Tel : +886-2-8221-8050 ext.11, Fax: +886-2-8221-8052, Cell: +886-917-817-456

(BA'10) In October 2012 Hector began working as a Personnel Assistant in the Human Resource Department of SUNY Maritime College. He plans to pursue an MS degree at SUNY Maritime College in International Transportation Management. Updated: February 2013.


(BA'76) Edith worked at Printing Prep, Inc. from 1984 to 1994. She is currently working at SRC Publishing Company.

CHIN, Calvin
(BA'89, MBA'95) Calvin is currently a relationship Manager at Chase Manhattan Bank. He specializes in selling investments and traditional bank products. Previously, he was with the investment house, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., in the private client services.

CHO, Pil Ho
(MA'89) Pil works for the Samsung Corporation in Seoul, Korea. He is a manager in the Financial Division and is responsible for international financing.

CHRISTIE, Christopher S.
(BA'92) Chris is currently a full-time supervisor at United Parcel Services. He is married and has two children - Alexx and Corinne.

(BS'89) Bob is a Captain and Executive Officer in the U.S. Air Force in Florida.

CORR, Jerry J.
(BA'86) (MA'88, University of Washington) Jerry lives in a golf course sub-division north of Denver, Colorado. He is the President of Ocean Sky Consulting, Inc. He has been working in the GIS industry for 22 years. His most recent golf game was in Indian Wells, CA during the ESRI EGUG conference. Updated: June 2009

(MA'07) José writes that he is teaching and consulting for GEOARQ in Oruro, Bolivia. Updated: June 2009
E-mail (personal):
E-mail (business):

(MA'93) Todd lives in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

CSIZMAR, Daniel N.
(BA'64) Dan works in insurance, sales, and marketing for Lawley Service, Inc. He received the professional insurance designation in 1978 and is a chartered property casualty underwriter.

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D'AYOSTINO, Jeffrey M.
(BA'92) Jeff is working in Dallas, TX and the Southwest USA for Ecology and Environment and the US Environmental Protection Agency, providing technical assistance for superfund sites. His work involves bioremediation, GIS,and groundwater mapping.

DEMPSEY, William G.
(BA'75) Bill works in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

(BA'81) Contact Info: Bear Stearns & Co. Inc., 383 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10179, (212) 272-2589, Information Professional Investment Banking Library.

DINDER, Leonard S.
(BA'80) Len is a cartographer in the Aeronautical Chart Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, where he has worked for over fourteen years. He is an active member of the North American Cartographic Information Society and is their former Secretary.

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ELIAS, Elias A.
(BA'85) Elias is the Engineering Program Manager for Product Support (26 Countries, 80 Programs) of Long Range Ground Based Radar Systems at Lockheed Martin in Syracuse, NY. His contact information:
E-mail: 315-456-2203
FPS-117/TPS-77 Product Support
Engineering Program Manager */ /* _l_, MS2-Syracuse
P.O. Box 4840, EP5-300-MD73
Syracuse, NY 13088-4840

ELLIOTT, Kristin Valentine
(BA'91) Kristin (Valentine) Elliott is employed at Gates Chili High School, Rochester, NY, as an Earth Science educator specializing in working with at-risk students and with those with special needs. Kristin's teaching also includes certifications in biology and curriculum development (M.Ed. Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester). She was named 2008-New Woman Business owner-of Doodie Pack, LLC ( Kristin and husband Rick have three daughters-- Savannah, Payton, and Carlee, and reside in Victor, NY.  Updated: June 2009

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FARLEY, JR., Robert F.
(BA'91) Bob started his own stock trading business in 1992. He is also sales manager of Farley Sales Co. which sells copper and brass products. He has a private pilot's license and flies single-engine aircraft.

(BA'85) Todd is part owner of a computer networking services company.

FELL, Dara M.
(BA'92) Dara is working on a master's degree in GIS at Ohio State University. Dara received a Teaching Assistantship and has assisted in World Regional Geography and Cartography.

FICO, Frank
(MA'91) Frank married Bridget Coghill in 1991. Their daughter, Jamie Nicole is providing them on-the- job parenting skills. He continues work at the Defense Mapping Agency (which funded his MA program at UB) and has worked on developing digital databases in the Vector Product Format international standards, primarily the Digital Nautical Chart.

FISHER, Esq., Christopher B.
(BA'90) (JD, Pace Law School) Chris graduated cum laude from law school with a JD and Environmental Law Certificate. He is currently practicing in environmental and land use law with Cuddy & Feder, Esqs., in White Plains, NY.

FOWLER, Brent E.
(BA'92) Brent has been working in the confectionery business and has recently branched off into B. Fudge, Inc. with sales along the east coast and in Canada. He is an avid golfer and skier and is considering applying to the MA program at UB.

FREEDMAN, Sanford J.
(BA'73) Sanford is a National Account Executive with Carolina Freight Carriers, Inc.

FREUND, Alfred L.
(BA'82) (MSed, New Paltz '94) Alfred has been teaching earth science and mathematics for the past six years. He loves to travel during the summer to get photographs and information he can use in class. He likes the outdoors, including camping.

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GANCASZ, Anthony R.
(BA'66) (MEd, Georgia'73) Anthony works as a psychiatric rehabilitation counselor at a psychiatric hospital in Augusta, GA. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and Certified Case Manager. He is ABD in Educational Supervision at the University of Georgia.

(BA'05, Intl. Trade) Ryan is a Licensed Customs Broker; and International Trade Compliance Specialist for Northrop Grumman in McLean, VA. Updated: June 2009

GIAMELLARO (Macchioni), Dori
(BA'95) After spending a year in Redlands, CA working for Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. Dori is back in Buffalo. She worked for a local GIS consulting firm and then served as the GIAL Director in the Geography Department for several years. Dori is married and they have a 3 year old daughter and infant son.

(BA'94) Dean is employed by the Department of Environmental Protection for the New York City Water Supply as a Research Assistant for the Hydrology Division. He hopes to use his experience toward a Master's Degree in hydrology or water quality.

GLICK, Barry J.
(BA'74, PhD'81) Barry is President and CEO of GeoSystems Global Corporation, a digital cartography and geo-information company in Lancaster, PA and Columbia, MD. The company has 160 employees - geographers, cartographers,computer scientists. Barry is married to Cathy Glick (UB'76) and they have two boys.

GORDON, Frederick D.
(BA'73) Frederick is a water meter reader with the City of Buffalo. He is a long-distance runner. He uses art, math, and cartography to map his route on an orienteering map at orienteering meetings.

(BS/MIS, MA'95) Jill works for Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) as a consultant and project manager in the Washington, DC office.

(BA'84) Andy received an MSc from the Ohio State University in 1987. He worked five years as a cartographer with the Defense Mapping Agency and six years as a systems engineer with GE/Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin. He is currently working in the Mapping Systems Integration Department as a systems engineer doing systems integration/engineering for a large military mapping information system for the Ministry of Defense in London, England. He is married and has three children.

GRAHAM, Stuart, Esq.
(MA'97 - GIS) Presently pursuing PhD in Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Updated: October, 1999

(BA'65) Larry works in the Operations Office of the Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. The office does worldwide surveys for oceanographic, hydrographic, and military surveys. Larry travels extensively and was recently in Egypt, Eriteria, and Syria. His wife, from East Aurora, NY, received an MS in speech pathology from the U. of Southern Mississippi. He has 30 years of government service and plans to retire to East Aurora and pursue his hobbies of model railroading, photography, and the Civil War.

GUYETT, Bruce H.
(BA'72) (MBA, Baldwin-Wallace '79) Bruce is Divisional Administrative Contracting Officer with the Defense Logistics Agency at Westinghouse Electric Corp., Naval Systems Division, Cleveland, OH. He is Commander of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial VFW in Wickliffe, OH and a grandfather since 1993.

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HAVENS, Matthew W.
(BA'86) (MS, Agronomy, PennState '88) Matthew is employed by the US Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service as a soil scientist. He is mapping soils in Delaware County, NY as part of the national cooperative soil survey effort.

HAYES, Graham S.
(PhD '02) (MS, Earth Science, Computer Science Montana State University '81; B.S. Geology, Wheaton College '77) I am excited to be back in Western New York after living and working in Florida for 3 years. Updated: June 2009

(BA'72, MA'73) John worked as a planner with various organizations: Erie & Niagara Regional Planning Board, Southern Tier Central Planning Board, US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He is currently Senior Economic Development Specialist with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He has two children, John and Catherine Marie. He is active in various soccer organizations and Cardinal O'Hara High School groups. Updated: October, 1999

HEIT, Michael J.
(MA'70) (BA'68 - Waterloo, PhD'75 - Texas AM) Dr. Michael J. Heit owns his own consulting company in British Columbia, Canada. Previous positions include Director of Canadian Forest Service, Department of Regional Economic Expansion. Updated: October, 1999

HERDMAN, Ronald G.
(BA'53 (Geol), MS'55 LSU (Geol)) Ronald is retired from EXXON after 39 years as a geologist. He is now enjoying life with his wife Virginia coming up on their 45th anniversary. He has 3 children, 6 grandchildren and spends much of his time singing "Barbershop Harmony". Updated: October, 1999

HUANG, Chao-Min
(MA'92) Chao-Min lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he is a system analyst in the Institute of Information Industry.

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IMON, Keith A.
(BA'75) (BSEd, Buff State'76, MAEd, U. of Texas, '80) Keith is Director of Educational Technology and Public Information in the Greece Central School District, Greece, NY. He is married and has one daughter.

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JONES, Paul A.
(BA'90) Paul is currently Sales Manager for System One Info Management, Inc. division of Continental Airlines. They provide computer reservation service to airlines worldwide, to US travel agents, as well as information management systems.

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KAPLAN, Michael
(BA'87, MA (U. of Maine) '92) Mike is currently studying late Quaternary ice-sheet dynamics at the Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research & Geography Dept., U. of Colorado, on southeast Baffin Island, eastern Canadian Arctic. The research is for his Ph.D. dissertation.

(MA'81) Paul returned to Australia after completing his masters degree. He put it into practice in several federal government agencies, before being appointed Deputy Surveyor of New South Wales. Currently Executive Director, Information Management and Technology, Department of Land and Water Conservation. Living in Sydney, Australia, with Judy, Steve and Tim and looking forward to the Olympics in 2000, if the Millenium Bug doesn't get him first. Updated: October, 1999

KOS, Kathy
(BA'95) Kathy currently works as the Private Lands Specialist for a 5 Great Lakes State region for Ducks Unlimited. Besides coordinating wetland restoration efforts between the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA National Resource Conservation Service, various state agencies, she will be acting GIS coordinator for the new Great Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Updated: October, 1999

(PhD'99) Laura is working as a contractor to NOAA - National Ocean Service (NOS) in Charleston, SC at the Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research. Her title is research scientist. She is helping integrate GIS into coastal, shellfish, and marine mammal studies. Updated: October, 1999

(BA'87) Dennis worked six years at Citicorp in their Global Cash Management Services division. He recently took a promotion to move to M & T Bank as an Operations Manager.

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(BA'79) Kathleen works as a Civil Engineer I at the NY Dept. of Transportation. She has worked 5 years in design, 6 years in highway and bridge construction and inspection. She and her husband are restoring 200 year old houses in Little Valley, NY and Savannah, GA.

(MA'91) (Computer Science, 1985, Clarion University; Forest Science, 1975, Penn State) Yours truly continues to work on the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia as a GIS Program Manager. The mountains are beautiful and the family enjoys small town America. Updated: June 2009

LEONARD, Richard P.
(MA'67) Richard conducted the first study of Love Canal (1977) with Calspan Corporation. He is presently Chief, Environmental Analysis Section, US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District.

(PhD '96) Dr. Lin has joined the Department of Health Services Research and Administration, at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) College of Public Health as an associate professor. Dr. Lin’s research interests are in modeling spatial distribution of disease and health outcomes, obesity and climate, obesity and the built environment, arthritis and environmental factors, and the relationship of access to primary care physicians to various health outcomes. Dr. Lin will split his time between his department and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, where he will help continue building the use of spatial analysis using geographic information systems. Updated: July 2009

(BA'92 - Physical Geography, Minor - Chemistry) Linda is an environmental consultant with Clayton Environmental Consultants in Seattle, WA. She conducts Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for various industries in the Northwest. She is married, has a daughter Morgan, and two cats. She enjoys hiking in the temperate rainforest located on the Olympic Penninsula, or partaking of various outdoor activities in the mild climate of Puget Sound. She misses Buffalo Wings; however, there is hardly ever a frost in Seattle! Updated: October, 1999

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(PhD'86) Matt just completed three years as Chair, Department of Geography, University of Hawaii, Manoa. He anticipates a sabbatical leave and getting back to research.

(BA'90, MA'92) Jim works at ESRI and has completed many public and private projects for a wide variety of clients. He says that life is good and that he is having fun both at and away from work. He lives in California and misses Buffalo Wings at Duffs - he doesn't miss the snow!

MOWER, James
(PhD'89) Jim is Associate Professor of Geography and Planning at the State University of New York at Albany. He and his wife Barbara have two daughters and a son. Updated: April 1999
Web Page:

MULLEN, Barry J.
(BA'67) After graduation, Barry taught high school geography in Ontario for nineteen years. In 1986 an opportunity to work in the stamp auction business was made available to him and he left teaching. He writes catalogue descriptions of stamps that are offered to collectors by worldwide auction.

MYERS, Judith A.
(BA'84, MA'88) Judith is a Licensed Customs Broker and, after working for C. J. Tower, is now the Managing Licensed Customs Broker for the Ogdensburg, NY district of Trans American Customhouse Brokers. She wants to say a special "Hello" to the "WIGS", old office mates and anyone who remembers how to scribe - by hand of course. If anybody is on their way to Montreal, stop by and say "Bon Jour".

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(BA'82, JD'93) Kathleen is an attorney/sole practitioner with a general practice in Alden, NY and Buffalo. She is married and has two children. The family enjoys camping and boating - the six year old is a budding environmentalist. She would love to hear from some '82 graduates.

OLNEY, Chris
(MA'97) Chris Olney has recently moved back to the Finger Lakes Region, where he grew up, to accept the position of Director of Stewardship with the Finger Lakes Land Trust. The Finger Lakes Land Trust is based in Ithaca, NY, and engages in land protection projects around a 12-county region. As Director of Stewardship, Chris will be responsible for the management of some 26 nature preserves totaling approximately 4,000 acres, and 60 conservation easements that protect approximately 6,000 acres. Prior to coming to Ithaca, Chris was a Natural Resources Planner working for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Lands and Forests Conservation Easement Program in Albany, and previously was the Director of Conservation at The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development in the Catskill region of New York. Chris received his MA in Physical Geography in 1997, working with Dr. Chris Larsen on a forest history research project. Updated: October 2008

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PACE, Peter
(BA'79) (MS University of South Carolina, 1983 - Geography, MS Johns Hopkins University, 1990 - Computer Science) married a British geographer and live outside of Knoxville, TN.

(BA'80) David is employed by the Genesee County Department of Planning as an Environmental Planner. He serves as the principal staff person to County Environmental Management Council, Housing Council, and Agricultural & Farmland Protection Board. He is also involved with water quality, solid waste and recycling, SEOR reviews and edits the Genesee County Planning News.

(BA'83, MA (U. of Wyoming) '87) Rosann is presently Department Chair, Environmental and Waste Management, Arapahoe Community College, CO. She is responsible for starting up the program, marketing, teaching, advising, and inserting geography into environmental science at every opportunity!

(BA'91, BS environmental studies, '91) Frank lives in Rochester, NY.

(BA'83, MA'85) (PhD, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse '90) Jim and his wife, Tammy Perkins (Geographer from SUNY, Geneseo) live in Woodbourne, NY. Jim is doing research in forest biogeochemistry: impact of acid rain on nutrient cycling in the Adirondacks. He is also the Delaware District Hydrologist for the NYC water supply.

PYNE, David E.
(BA'08) Greetings! Updated: June 2009

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(BA'96, MA'03) Rich Quodomine is the current GIS Coordinator of the NYS Department of Transportation Public Transportation Bureau. In addition, he is the Professional Development Committee Chair of the NYS GIS Association, a member of the AAG and of a number of its committees, and has presented at many conferences around the world on professional skills necessary to get and keep a good job in the Applied Geography field. In his spare time, he is actively involved with Scouting, Hiking and Outdooring, or writing for Directions Magazine. He is also Dad to two wonderful children, ages 11 and 10. Updated: November 2012.


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(BA'79) Hank is presently the owner of H.R. Electronic Dictation Service which was founded in 1985. The company sells office supplies, computer supplies, and dictation equipment. He has great prices and will give an extra discount to all Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students and Alumni of the Geography Department.

RANDLER-BUXO, Jacqueline
(BA'86) Jacqueline received an MBA, concentrating in economics and marketing, from Middle Tennessee State University in 1995. She started a new job as an Account Manager for developing markets (Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe) for Gibson Guitars Co., Nashville, TN.

(BA'78, BS, civil engineering '80) Jeff is a transportation planner for Montgomery County, MD. He has been involved in highway, transit, parking and airport development and planning and land use and economic development related to those modes. He is married and has a daughter.

ROMEO, Robert W.
(BA'83) Robert is a Certified Financial Planner and Associate Partner of Guardian Financial Group in Williamsville, NY. He is married and has a daughter.

(BA'79, MA'81) Alan worked for the Defense Department Software Contractors in Washington for 9 years. Since then, he has been with Wyeth-Ayerst, a pharmaceutical company for over 4 years. He is looking forward to hearing from other 'Ridge Lea/Fronczak' "residents"

RUIZ, John N.
(MA'94, MBA'94) John is teaching World Geography and Physical Geography at Erie County Community College. He has passed the first part of the US Foreign Service exam.

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SCHMAHL, Donald V.
(BS'59) Donald is a retired Commander, USNR, after twenty- eight years of service. He now works in export/import trade with Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, and is an insurance broker.

SCHMIDT, Warren E.
(BA'50) Warren retired from government (USGS & CIA) in 1982 having specialized in automated cartography. He is still consulting. He received a Pentium computer for his 70th birthday. He still keeps in touch with some of the geologists from the days of the combined department.

(BA'99) Jim is currently GIS Manager for the Seneca Nation of Indians.

(BA'71, MA'74) Spencer is Senior Planner, Erie County Department of Environment and Planning. He is responsible for Erie County's capital budget planning recommendations to County Executive through the County Development Coordination Board. He also works with solid waste planning, watershed and wellhead protection, and residential planning liaison.

Harry is Vice Provost of Lifelong Learning, Chapman University, Orange,CA.

(BA'90) Andrew is an Environmental Scientist with the US Environmental Protection Agency in New York City. He conducts inspections and investigations and enforces various federal environmental laws.

SEN, Jayanti
(PhD'97) Jayanti is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at D'Youville College. Her research interests are in the internationalization of and linkages among business and professional service firms such as accounting and advertising.

SHAM, Chi Ho
(PhD'84) Instructor: Dr. Chi Ho Sham is a vice president and senior scientist at The Cadmus Group, Inc. He has 20 years of experience in water quality and drinking water protection issues. Dr. Sham received his doctoral degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1984 with a focus on hydrology and geographic information system applications. Before joining the consulting field, Dr. Sham was a faculty member at the Boston University's Center for Energy and Environmental Studies from 1982 to 1992, where currently he is an adjunct professor. He also serves as a director on the Ground Water Protection Research Foundation and as the vice chair on the Source Water Protection Committee of the American Water Works Association.

(BA'02) (additional degree/s, Penn State) Ben works for National Security Technologies, which is a contractor to the Department of Energy. He manages of GIS team that supports national emergency response to a radiolgical or nuclear event. Before coming to National Security Technologies he worked at ESRI as a Product Specialist. He currently resides in Las Vegas. Updated: June 2009

(MA'89) Scott is presently a Bureau of Reclamation Fishery Biologist on the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta. He has had a major publication since his UB thesis. The most difficult but rewarding task he has is being a single dad to his daughter, Rachel.

SIMMONS, Leslie Jean
(BA'73, MLS (Albany) '75) Leslie moved to San Diego, CA in 1986. After several non-library jobs, she returned to librarianship and is currently a Branch Manager. She is a member of several library organizations and committees.

SMERLIS, George P.
(BA'64, DDS'70) Dr. Smerlis has been in private dental practice for twenty-three years. He has been in Kiev, Ukraine in conjunction with the local Rotary Club and Rotary International, delivering dental supplies and teaching modern dental techniques. He is an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer. He has visited many of the WWII wrecks in the South Pacific and returns each year to dive and photograph wrecks.

SMITH, Betty
(PhD'94) Betty teaches in the Geology/Geography Department at Eastern Illinois University.

SMITH, Ronald B.
(BA'70) (MBA, Houston Baptist University '82) Ronald has been teaching at the corporate, college, and university levels. He has also published three books and ten articles. He is Vice President of Education of the Greenspoint Area Toastmasters. He enjoys racquetball and running.

(BA'88, Physical Geography; MA'92 GIS) Nicole and her husband, Tony (BS'84 Electrical Engineering; MS'92 EE) have been living in the Washington, DC Metro Area since July of 1992. Nicole and Tony find Washington to be a great area to work and play. Nicole and Tony both work for SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) although not at the same location. They spend weekends hiking in the National Forests and National Parks, biking the trails, and walking in the park near their home.
E-mail: Nicole.Soltyka@NFAC.USDA.GOV

SPORN, J. Edward
(BA'72, MA, City Planning '74) Ed has been the Administrative Chief of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office for nearly eight years. He lives in Pelham, NY with his wife and two children.

STACK, Robert
(MA'87) Bob is the Real Estate Manager in charge of the eastern region for American Stores Co., one of the largest operators of drug and grocery stores in the US.

STANLEY, Jacquelyn
(BA'12) Jacquelyn concentrated in International Business and World Trade. She is employed by William S. Hein & Co., Inc. of Buffalo, NY. Updated: October 2012


(MA'97) Scott has just started a new job as a Solution Architect for the Geospatial practice with a national consulting firm, Idea Integration, in Denver, CO. He will be responsible for architecture, project management, application development and consulting, all in relation to GIS. Updated: October 2008

(MA'01) Greg works as a Geographer for the US Bureau of the Census in Suitland, MD. He deals with Address Coverage Assurance Programs related to the Census Bureau's Master Address File (MAF). He lives in Chesapeake Beach, MD with his wife and son.

STONE, Kenneth M.
(BA'77) Ken is the Environmental Manager of the Olympic Region of the Washington State Department of Transportation. He manages an office with ten staff and is responsible for environmental documentation and obtaining environmental permits for the WSDOT. He is married and has four children. His hobbies are skiing, sailing, mountain climbing, home brewing, and golf.

(BA'88) Erin has been employed by Navigation Technologies Corporation since 1993. She lives in Manhattan and enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and map collecting. Updated: October, 1999

(BA'68) John lives in West Seneca, NY and is an Environmental Health Engineer, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Burns Harbor Plant, Lackawanna Operations.

(BA'91, MA'94) Tosia teaches Introduction to ArcInfo and Introduction to ArcView at ESRI in Washington, DC. She likes fishing, hiking, and visiting famous places. She thought the candle-light tour of the White House was the best. Tosia was a guest speaker at the Department's 1995 Graduation Reception and did an excellent job!

(BA'86) John is currently employed by the U.S. Geological Survey in the National Mapping Division. He has published articles on the Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) in GIS/LIS 93, Cartography & GIS 92 and 94, and the Pecora Conference 93. He is coordinating the USGA/Bureau of the Census Joint Program Office.

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TERBORGH (neé COTE), Carmelle J.
(MA'94, PhD'99) Carmelle has been working at ESRI in the Washington, DC Regional Office since June, 1996. She is a Global Affairs/Federal Account Manager and serves on the Board of Directors of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association. Updated: August, 2007

THOMAS, Terrence C.
(BA'83) (MS, U. of South Florida, Geology,'94) Following graduation from UB, Tom spent eight years in the Air Force. After leaving the Air Force he received an MA in Geology from the University of South Florida. He is now working as a hydrologist in the Closed Landfill Investigation Program in Hillsborough County, Fl.

TOBIN, Henry
(BA'88) Henry lives in Charlotte, NC and is a flight attendant for USAir.

(MA'97) Mark Trice is currently the Program Director for Water Quality Informatics at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources where he oversees tidal water quality monitoring and assessment, and water quality information technology divisions. Mark resides in Easton, MD with his wife Maggie and children Nat and Caroline. Updated: June 2009.

(BA'95 (Geography/Intl. Business), BA'95 (Spanish))Julie is working as a Real Estate Agent with Your Castle Real Estate in Denver, CO. Updated: July, 2008

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(MA'86 (JD, Boston College, '93) John is a lawyer in Boston, MA. He was married in 1994. John is still very interested in geography, especially geomorphology and African, Latin American and S.E. Asian development issues. He retains his membership in the AAG.

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VOLPE, Jeffrey M.
(BA'92 - GIS/Physical Geography, MA'96 - GIS) Jeff is currently working as a GIS Analyst/Planner for Bergmann Associates, a consulting engineering firm headquatered in Rochester, New York. He is also on the Board of Directors and Conference Chairman for GIS/SIG, a local GIS organization. Updated: November, 1999

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WALKER, Robert E.
(BA'71) (MUP, Univ. of Illinois '73) Bob works as a County Planner for the Chester County Planning Commission in the Philadelphia metropolitan Area. He is currently lead planner in the preparation of a new county comprehensive plan. They hope to reduce continued urban sprawl and produce better communities and project future resources.

WARD, Philip J.
(BA'75) Philip is now retired and lives in Wyoming.

WEISS, Larry
(BA'68, MBA'70) Larry is a Product Technology Manager at Oracle Corporation in Reston, VA. Updated: October, 1999

WHITE, Thomas
(BA'85) Currently living in Washington, D.C. and employed as Special Projects Manager for Hillwood Museum & Gardens. Married with a daughter. Spouse employed by US State Department and have served in Paris, France and Manila, Philippines. Updated: October, 1999

WHITE, William (Bill)
(MA'82) ITC (B.A. Geography, UC Berkeley '78) William is Head of International Sales at Worldline in Brussels, Belgium. He has been living and working in Europe since 1985 and loving most every minute of it. He and his Flemish wife, Leen, two daughters and one son. William highly recommends that any and all ITC program students take the time to follow a language program or two and to think seriously about an overseas internship - he speaks from personal experience! Updated: November 2013

(BA'90, MS, Applied Public Affairs, UB) Formerly the Real Estate Manager for the City of Houston, now Project Manager for Weatherford International, an oil and gas services company. Current responsibilties include the acquisition, disposition, leasing and all other commercial real estate activities for Weatherford in half of the US, Canada, Asia and Latin America.  Updated: June 2009

WILLER, David J.
(BA'89, MA'91) David is a partner in a consulting practice, Ryan Willer Associates, in Williamsville, NY. The firm is a consulting firm specializing in a delivery network optimization issues for financial institutions. Updated: October, 1999

WRIGHT, James B.
(MA'73 (BS'71, Bradley U., MBA'80, Case Western Reserve) Jim has been in the management/ operations/ consulting field since 1981. He is currently Managing Director and member of the Executive Management Committee of Kibel, Green Inc., a financial and management consulting firm.

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(PhD'05) Fritz is director of the Packaging program at San Jose State University. He is developing a masters program in Silicon Valley to go with the undergrad program and has rebuilt the Packaging lab with donations from industry of over $400,000 just this year. Updated: October 2008

YOUNG, Walter
(MA'91) Walter was recently promoted to Mid-Atlantic Managed Care Manager for Boehringer Mannheim Corporation, Diagnostics Division.

(MA, PhD'94) May is Professor in GIS at the department of geography, University of Oklahoma. She is married to a meteorologist (and a tornado chaser), Michael Magsig. They have a daughter, Audrey. Updated: October 2012

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ZHAN, Feibing Benjamin
(PhD'94) Ben is on the faculty of the Department of Geography at Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas. Ben's specialties include GIS, transportation and environmental analyses. Ben is married with two boys, Albert and Matthew. Updated: April 1999

(BA'94 - ITC) Buffalo native, Tim moved to San Francisco in January of 1997. In June 1997 he started a High-Tech Consulting/Recruiting and Headhunting company called The ICE Group, LLC. He is a CEO/President, his clients are mainly based Silicon Valley Fortune 1000 companies, although The ICE Group, LLC does recruit and place people for corporations in other states. With demographics in progress, the company plans will be to open two more offices by Q3 1999. Updated: October, 1999

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